Book Cart Logo

Due to the need to take our books to a greater number of people and places, we created the Solisluna Book Cart. Its about a small playful, attractive and traveling bookstore, inspired by popcorn and lolly carts.

Our intention is to train readers and offer superior quality books to everyone everywhere in Brazil.

How did it come about?

The idea for the Book Cart was born at Solisluna Design Editora at the end of 2014 from the need to take the books created at the publisher to more places and people.

Initially we went to several places in Salvador and the metropolitan region and then to Recôncavo Baiano, in the historic city of Cachoeira.

IPL Retratos da Leitura Award 2017

The Solisluna Book Cart received the important award promoted by IPL (Instituto Pró-Livro) for projects that contribute to the formation of readers in Brazil. The IPL unites the three largest entities representing books in the country.

Good books on everyone's path

The Book Cart has already circulated in squares, beaches, schools in different neighborhoods and regions of the city. Public or private spaces

Book is pop!

Books in a crowd? Unusual?! Not for Ca(r)rinho!
Books need to be on people's paths, in their daily lives.

"Reading must be an act of love"

Paulo Freire